Wood Substitutes

SCG Smartwood Eaved liner - Tapered Edge Series 7.5X300X0.8 cm. - Uncolor

SCGSmartwood Eaves Liner is a wood substitute that can be use as lattice in your eaves that will help the air flow inside your ceiling to reduce heat. It can also be use to decorate eaves.

SCG Smartwood, a wood substitute with superior performance and the charm of real wood".

Technical Specification

Barcode ZCA67100100002
Size 7.500 x 300.00 x 0.8 (cm)
Weight 2.700 kg
Width 7.500 cm
Length 300.00 cm
Height 0.8 cm
Use Per Unit 4.4 pcs/sq.m.
Basic Data SCG Smartwood a wood substitute made from fiber cement with superior performance like a real wood, it is compose of SCG Portland Cement, Silica and Special Cellulose fiber.