Wood Substitutes

SCG Smartwood Decorative Wall Panel - Modeena-M1 Series 30x150x2.5 cm. - Uncolor

SmartWood Decorative Wall Panel, Modeena seriea is a unique wall panel with 3 ribs dimension surface, applicable both indoor and outdoor decoration.

SCG Smartwood, a wood substitute with superior performance and the charm of real wood".

Technical Specification

Barcode ZCA65610100009
Size 30.000 x 150.00 x 2.50 (cm)
Weight 10.400 kg
Width 30.000 cm
Length 150.00 cm
Height 2.50 cm
Use Per Unit 2.38 pcs/sq.m.
Basic Data SCG Smartwood a wood substitute made from fiber cement with superior performance like a real wood, it is compose of SCG Portland Cement, Silica and Special Cellulose fiber.