Some things to consider whether to buy new house from a developer or build a new house?

The decision to either build a new home or purchasing one from a housing project, may vary from family to family as it involves several factors  

Marriage, children, or a new job can often expand a family to the point that it considers moving to a new home. What type of house is best suited to the lifestyle of you and your family? Building or buying, both have their pros and cons. As a homeowner, careful consideration is important before finalizing your decision.

Image: Building a house involves careful consideration and details in every step.

When we want to own a house, building a new one seems to be the first option, as everyone has envisioned a version of their own dream home at some point. Plot out the idea with an architect and it can easily evolve into a home plan with an area, garden, garage, and various other rooms. This combined with your choice of design and materials will likely yield the completion of many a dream home. This is especially true for those who have inherited land and/or accrued savings. 

Image: Steps in building a home, from a vacant land to a home.