How to reuse rain water effectively?

Rainfall can cause a number of problems for your house. Rain moisture can cause the wall colors to swell or peel while soil erosion can be unsightly. Here are some ideas on how to prevent and solve these issues. We’ll also be discussing how we might be able to reuse rainwater and add a pleasant spot to the garden.  

Reusing rain water

Install a rain gutter and drainage to divert rain water directly to trees or filter then store the water for cleaning the house or car. This can help save water resources and also reduce your water bill. 

Image: Install pipes to water the plants.


Be creative with your designs. Flowing rainwater passing through plants on pipes before reaching the ground can create make for a vertical garden wall. 

Image: Vertical garden from flowerpots on pipes.


The beauty that compliments the garden

In homes with gardens, why not direct flowing rainwater into the garden?

1. Install pipes that lead from the rain gutter to the garden. Create a pathway, a small waterfall, or use pebbles walkways that allow water to flow naturally to the garden.