How to fix broken wall and floor to prevent water leak?

Make sure to fix a small cracks from your wall and floor to prevent water leakage that can occur serious damage in the future  

If simple cracks in our wall and floor was not fix the problem of water leak will surely happen that can lead to other problems including fungus, increase the number of house damp, peeling house paint, swollen or flaking surface materials, or even damage to the structure of the house caused by rust on the steel bars which reinforce concrete. This problem of water leak comes from both the exterior and interior of the houses and has various causes and solutions. 

Water Leak from rain

A water leak that comes from the rain directly is usually caused by cracks on exterior cement walls which may arise out of the general cracks on cement surface or the drilling to install steel structures e.g. roof awnings, sunshade battens, or stands for placing condensing unit of the air conditioner. The water then leaks through the wall and leads to swollen paint on the interior wall or, in some cases, the water penetrates the wall and leaks on the floor. 

To solve this problem, first, the cracks on the exterior wall should be repaired by spreading multi-purpose repair mortar on the cracks then repaint the exterior wall. In the case that the flooring materials also blister or crack, they should be taken off and redone.

In addition, water can come in the house through the gap or space between the trim of the door-window and the wall. This can be fixed depending on the type of trim materials, for instance, for an aluminum trim, the original silicone should be removed and clean the area and grout it with new silicone, whereas for a wooden trim, if it is still in good shape but is just not adhered to the wall, it should be cleaned and grout it with silicone or Polyurethane (PU). 

Another cause of water leak problems from the rain is a leak in the drain connecting to the roof or the balcony which is hidden in the wall which may lead to water stains on the wall or on the floor.  In order to solve this problem, the drain with leak hidden in the wall should be repaired by entering through the opening channel made for access to the ceiling or the wall inside the house (if there is no such channel, you may need to puncture or take down the ceiling or the wall in the area where there is a leak) before repairing the damaged wall or area.  

During the rainy season, water leak problems can also be caused by underground water especially to the commercial buildings which are older than 30 years and are generally below the ground level of public road. As the structure of the floor of these buildings use steel-reinforced concrete placed on the ground and separated from the pole and the beam, water can penetrate through the gap joint between the floor and both the beam and the wall. The solution to this problem depends on the severity of the problem. To begin with, it is necessary to grout the gaps with silicone glue, Polyurethane glue, or Polyurethane foam in order to slow down the water leak. If this problem often occurs to the point where it affects the living condition, you may consider raising the ground floor of the house by pouring concrete over the original floor (only in the case where it is the concrete floor placed on the ground) or by reinforcing the beams and install the system of lightweight floor structure consisting of steel beams and fiber cement boards. In this regard, it is important to also consider the height between the new lifted up floor level and the ceiling. 

Water Leak on the Wall or on the Floor Even Without the Rain 

If water leaks into the house even if it is not raining, this can also can cause sever damage with the property if not fix, this leak usually came from water supply pipe, drainage pipe, usually occurring in the area near those pipes such as a bathroom, kitchen, wash zone or a floor where these pipes pass through. In this regard, we can notice that there is a leak from water pipes if the meter is still running even though we already closed all water valves. However, for the drainage pipe leak, we need to consider the sanitation system of the house or predict the direction of the drainage pipe route in order to locate the leak. Once the leak is found, it should be repaired, during repair, the floor or the wall needs to be taken down, you may consider installing a new set of pipes.

In the event that the leak problem damages the floor structure or the beam such as cracked concrete showing rust on the steel bars, this should be repaired promptly in accordance with the nature and the sort of such damage. In case of surface rust, it should be sanded and removed by using sand papers and the rust converter before applying the non-shrink grout on it. However, in case of rust holes eating away at the steel, we will need an engineering expert to supervise the repairing.

In conclusion, the problem of water leak on the floor and on the wall of a house can generally be caused by water outside of building i.e. rainwater and underground water, and water inside of building i.e. water supply pipe and drainage pipe. The solutions need to start at the root of the problem before commencing the repair of the damaged floor or wall. That is to locate the leak and repair such leak first. Nevertheless, in the case that the water leak damages the building structures such as causing the floor, pole or beam to crack showing the rust on the steel bars, it is recommended to consult with a structural engineer to repair it for safety’s sake.

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วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอก ที่จะมาช่วยสร้างสรรค์พื้นหน้าบ้าน ทางเดินรอบบ้าน ลานจอดรถ พื้นทางเดินในสวน หรือแม้กระทั่งสวนเล็กๆ หลังบ้าน ให้ได้บรรยากาศสวยงามสุดคลาสสิก เสมือนอยู่ในดินแดนของประเทศแถบตะวันตก  

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ภาพ: Stamp Pave ลาย London ผิวหน้าเสมือนหินธรรมชาติที่ได้รับแรงบันดาลใจมาจากความสวยงามของท้องถนนในแถบยุโรป 

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