What else you can do with your roof?

August 13, 2018

" Roof is not limited to Gable, Hip, Hip Gable, Lean-to, Arch, or Slab roofs. A quick search on architectural styles all over the world will show you that there are many others. A popular style is the seamless type that appears as a sheet or frame of materials embracing the house. Homeowners searching for new roof ideas, why not take a look below. "

Roof as the wall
This is style is accomplished by continuing to use the roofing tile material as wall tiles. It is essentially a roof that covers the whole house. You might also opt for a partial design where only parts of the roof continue as exterior walls. This can also create a unique form or shape for your dwelling. Those interested in this idea need to consider the seams between the roof and the wall. This is to prevent leakage problems especially in cities where heavy rain is quite common.

Playful roof forms and the wall
This design uses columns and beams to connect the roof and wall in order to create an avant-garde form for the house. Parts of the wall can use roof tiles or wall decorations that are similar to the roof tiles. Other parts of the wall can expose the structures to flow along with the form of the house. In places with a lot of sunshine like in Thailand, wooden planks can be used to filterand reduce the heat.

  • House
  • Architect: Ramella Arquitetur
  • Location: Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
  • Credit: http://www.trendir.com/house-design/pitched-roofline-on-house-morphs-into-angled-facade.html

Roof as part of the landscape
This design incorporates roofing with landscaping using freeform-style roofs. The materials should be the same or similar to those used in the landscape. This design is often used in large projects such as museums, multi-purpose halls, theatres, or department stores etc. Interesting designs include those where landscape and roof are one fluid structure that double as functional space. For instance, a green roof that grows real grass can reduce the heat that enters the building and is a scenic viewpoint for everyone.

A building wherein the surrounding landscape blends with the wall and roof.