More than a stairway

May 30, 2019

“ Stairways are part of an architecture that is dazzling in various aspects. Today’s FYI will offer ideas for designing stairs to be more than just stairs ”

Aside from the use of traveling between floors in homes and buildings, its diagonal outlines and shape of the stairs can also be part of the architecture that is interesting in several aspects such as aesthetic, functionality, and psychological features. Today’s FYI will introduce you to the stairs that can be more than just stairs.

1. Aesthetic features The stair is an element of an architecture which is interesting in itself due to its large, diagonal shape that seems to be continuously moving. Designing the stairs to be an outstanding artwork can enhance the image of the building or home.

Spiral stairs are beautiful in itself.

Image: (Left)

2.Functionality features Aside from its use to walk up and down, the space around the stairs such as the side or underneath can become useful areas. They can be designed to blend in with the stairs such as bathroom under the stairs, shelves, storage cabinet, bookshelf, reading or working space etc.

Using the space underneath as a storage cabinet for shoes, clothes,
or other items. This is a built-in furniture that blends with the stairs.

Image: (Left)

The side of the stairs can be a display shelf or bookshelf.

Image: (Left)

Combining bookshelves and the stairs.

Image: (Left)

A small pantry on the side or underneath the stairs.
This is suitable for homes with limited space.


A reading or working area as part of the stairs.

Image: (Left) By: Bates Masi Architects

3.Psychological features, Aside from functionality and beauty, stair design can influence user’s emotions. For instance, stairs can make dwellers feel enjoyable or calm etc.

Designing the stairs with slides for more fun.

Image: Designed by Moon Hoon (Left)

Sometimes a stairway is a peaceful corner with a great atmosphere.
This is where everyone likes to spend their relaxing time.

Image: (Left) Designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento
(Right) Photographs: Aaron Leitz

Aside from the different designs, there is also a variety of structures such as reinforced concrete, steel, or wood, all of which can be selected to promote even more beauty. Lastly, we hope that those looking to renovate or build a home will be inspired by this article. We hope these ideas can bring about great stair designs