How to turn your unused space at home

April 04, 2019

" The time when everyone is expected to go outdoors and to experience great weather, but do you know that you don’t need to go that far to experience this? Let’s take a look at simple ideas to empty corners of your home where you can enjoy. "

Decorate the garden and enjoy the morning sun
With a little adjustment, the ordinary garden that you walk past every day can become a cozy space where you can cherish the gentle morning sun. Pick a spot in the garden, place a breakfast table or small tea table and adorn with cushions or vibrant-colored pillows. This will become a functional space for your weekend breakfast time. However, if you are worried of the sizzling sun, use fences for an arch and plant ornamental climbing plants. This refreshing and pleasant structure can help filter the sunbeam.

Add a table-chair set, colorful pillows, and an arch.
Create cozy garden corners with classy fabric.

Take a step closer to nature, classy fabric made into simple, tent-like sanctuaries. Carpet the floor with soft blankets and pair with matching pillows. This adorable breezy corner is flexible and can conveniently be moved to other areas.

Afternoon tea by the terrace
The empty terrace can come back to life with newly painted walls paired with your favorite sofa. Uplift the relaxing ambiance with carpet and cushion. Add mini flowerpots and aromatic candles to transform the space into a coffee and tea spot where you can enjoy your favorite book.

Vivid terrace walls color-contrasting with the door and window frame paired with matching sofas.
Tiny terraces become cozy with wood materials and mini flower pots

Tiny terraces can also become a chilling space with a wooden floor that gives the natural look. Try decorating the walls with wood planks to match the floor and hang mini flowerpots to freshen the area. Select your favorite items such as a fluffy cushion, rattan chair or a swing and combine it with a petite table. Don’t forget colorful pillows as the atmosphere may be just right for a power nap.

Indulge the sunset at the rooftop
Rooftops may have been abandoned and unused due to the sizzling heat from direct sunlight on concrete floors in the afternoon. However, with the proper decorations, rooftops are great spaces during the late afternoon. Explore the beautiful, gentle artificial grass floor that also decreases the stiffness of concrete. Use wood substitute such as SCG
Smartwood for coziness and pair with shading trees and chic furniture that withstands the unpredictable weather. For the final touch, hang party lights for evening private parties with the crew. Try this idea and a special, romantic rooftop is only a step away

Bring life to the rooftop with artificial grass, trees, and wooden furniture.
Turn the rooftop into a private party venue with wooden floors, a bar, and sofas.

Amid the hectic city life, many seek outdoor venues for relaxation such as cozy coffee shops or stylish restaurants while the house is disregarded. With the proper decorations, spaces can become great, functional areas that will make you just want to stay home.