4 Ceiling design Ideas for your dream home

September 01, 2018

" We are more familiar with the ceiling style and design which are just plain and smooth. Actually, we can be playful with the ceiling design with the right materials to make our ceiling more attractive and beautiful. "

Installing the beautiful and appropriate ceiling tiles is a worthwhile option. Materials such as SCG Smartboard are durable, moisture-resistant, and termite-proof. The special features derive from the Firm & Flex technology that combines SCG Portland cement, silica, and special cellulose. Aside from the confidence in its functional abilities, it can help beautify the home as SCG Smartboard can be installed both at the interior and exterior. Also, mix and match different models such as the Squared Edge, Square Lining, Wood Grain, Timber, and Ventilated by alternatively installing them or cutting into new shapes can greatly add new dimensions to the home. This can ignite new styles and identity, unlike anyone. Below are some design ideas that you can use for your design reference.

Contemporary Style is the perfect combination. Focus on the harmony of the different series of ceiling tiles. They should have a distinct identity that coincides with modern-day features. Achieved this design with the mix and match feature of SCG Smartboard Decorative Series for ceiling

Modern Style is adding more outlines into the ceiling tiles to help make the room look more modern and agile. The use of SCG Smartboard different series and patterns that can be mixed to create harmonious beauty helps in creating the unique ceiling design unlike any others

Natural Style has the charming texture of SCG Smartboard that offers square edges and wood grain surfaces. When combined, it expresses relaxation just like taking a step closer to nature.

Oriental Style expresses the arts and way of life. The oriental style is adjusted and adapted to match modern-day designs.