3 Building Tips to A Cozy House

March 30, 2020

" Tropical regions like South Asia,South East Asia, and Africa have subtropical climates for throughout most of their countries. These regions endure an extended period of heat throughout the year. When we talk about comfort and coziness in these regions, this largely means lowering the temperature during the dry season.   

Though it may appear rather straightforward at first glance, many elements actually go into this consideration such as temperature, wind speed, humidity or moisture, expected dress and activities to be performed in the area. Some of these are environmental and some are human controlled. Sometimes, for example, we might hit the beach when the sun is not too hot. The wind might be strong but if it is too humid, we will feel uncomfortable.

This discomfort is often solved by staying in air-conditioned rooms where the wind and temperature can be controlled, however doing so too frequently causes the electricity bill to rise.

When building partitions, we ought to consider materials with low heat accumulation

values, such as Q-con light weight concrete. At the same time, painting external walls in light or bright colors gives these walls an extra layer of efficient heat deflection.

1. Heat Shield Technology

SCG Aluminium Foil Sheet for heat reflection and Insulation for heat protection

The parts of the house you can affect with this are the roof, ceiling and partitions. When the sun shines, it strikes the roof first which is on the top of the house and has the largest exposed surface area.

The installation of SCG aluminium foil sheet can protect a home from heat directly. With Heat Protection and Reflection, it can reflect up to 95% of UV while

2. Ventilation

Building ventilation into your roof can help naturally mitigate heat absorption and save you energy and money.

  • Build a high gable roof allowing heat to rise to the upper level where you’ve built an air ventilation compartment or installed Eaves Liner.
  • Build a two-step roof for ventilation between each roof step.

3. Greenery

Proper green landscaping around the house creates a fresh and shaded atmosp need.

Vertical Gardens are suitable for homes with limited space. They are easy to care for an you can select the plant species according to your preference and need.

Consider careful landscaping and greenery around your home.

Not only is there a strong visual appeal to the splash of green this adds to your home’s aesthetic, but plants naturally cool the areas around them dropping the ambient temperature around your home significantly.

In case your space is limited, SCG Modular Green Hive has been designed for easy installation and can easily be cared for even in a bustling city.

Ultimately, comfort and coziness does not depend on any one factor. It requires the careful coordination of all the factors above.